Shopping Cart Module

As more and more customers sign up with Interactive Garage, we’ve found that the majority of these jobbers, dealerships, retailers, etc., have a website but not a shopping cart for customers to order from off your site. Shopping carts are not cheap, and even if they are available and you’re willing to spend the money it takes a considerable amount of time to “populate” the shopping cart database. Many shopping cart modules make you insert/upload all the content necessary (vendor name, accessories by SKU, price, shipping info, etc). And unless you have a lot of time on your hands, or pay someone to do it for you (internal employee or hire outside firm) this population of the cart is very time consuming = expensive.

What we’ve created at Interactive Garage is a shopping cart module that is 100% centered around all the vendors and accessories that are available on Interactive Garage. A set database that mimics all the accessories within Interactive Garage…no more and no less. We did all the work on our end from vendors, SKU’s and all data to make the Interactive Garage Shopping Cart module simple and easy for you. And best yet, at a fantastic price that no other website / shopping cart company would be able to offer, guaranteed!

Many of you have heard me talk about and promise an online shopping cart for years, so what took so long you ask? Building our partnership with Keystone was the linchpin in the evolution of this cart as well as what we know will be the successful result for all those that implement the cart within their website. Interactive Garage’s shopping cart module is hooked directly to Keystone Automotive through your eKeystone account for a simple and easy “one-click” order process.

We also went with one main source of payment processing, PayPal. By far the most trusted and used payment processing house in the US and Canada. Even with a little sacrifice in additional transactions fees, the security and depth of payment options (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal transfer) made the decision to use them exclusively one that we are extremely confident in.

In short, as you can see from the two partnerships mentioned above we only went with the best for this shopping cart module so you get nothing but the best from Interactive Garage. Keystone Automotive Operations is the leader in their respected market in terms of the distribution of automotive aftermarket accessories…hands down. Paired up with the most trusted and security driven company across the world in terms of payment processing in PayPal, what we’ve put together is the quintessential dream team as our complete package offering. Making your Interactive Garage license now the most powerful and robust software programs available in the automotive industry.

How do I get this Shopping Cart module?

The following are a “must have”.

  1. A current / good standing license of Interactive Garage
  2. Interactive Garage running through the iFrame on your website
  3. An account with Keystone Automotive Operations
    – For this module to work, your account with Keystone will also need to be one of their exclusive “Drop Ship” status accounts.
  4. Open up or update your Paypal account to their “Business Standard

IG will need to have access to your web site developers contact info as we will need assistance from them to get this up and running. You’ll want to contact them to let them know what your doing as well as figure out what ever fees they might have on their end to do this for you.


One time set up fee of $500 from Interactive Garage.

Monthly fee of $100/month. Includes custom program through Keystone and a drop ship account.

Transaction fee of 2% of net sales* generated from Interactive Garage and processed though the IG Shopping Cart module
– Invoiced monthly (separate from the PayPal)

*Net sales are the sub total of accessories ordered not including tax, shipping and PayPal fees.


To see a working version of Interactive Garage on one of our current licensees website please visit any of the following sites.

Or you can watch a walk through demo video of the entire process from front end to back end below.

We worked long hours to make this cart and overall functionality a reality, and with the main focus being the user experience for not only you (our IG licensee) but for the end consumer buying off your site. If your interested in having this module added to your Interactive Garage please contact us at the email below and we can walk through the process and timing involved.