September 2017 – New Vehicles, Vendors & Products Added

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Been a very busy month in the production department as we have 2 new vehicles, new vendors to introduce as well as over 300 new products added to the Interactive Garage Software™ program.



Two new models of the popular Tundra and Tacoma have been added to the software.

***As a reminder, to view these new vehicles on your Interactive Garage program you must go to your admin and “ENABLE” them by vehicle.***



Really excited about this line of products from Stampede.  Their line of CAMO hood shields, fender flares and side window protection are truly one of a kind products, and ones that we know are going to be very popular this coming hunting season.

Full line is available on the GMC 2500hd Sierra and hood shields on the 2015-17 F150 right now. Stayed tuned as we complete the rest of our vehicles with their products in the months to come.



Very happy to announce our partnership with Magellan.

As an age old industry leader in GPS solutions, Magellan has come up with one of the most intelligent GPS systems geared at the off road market.  The TRX7 from Magellan was “created from the ground up” for those that like to use their vehicle on and off road. With features including a preloaded memory with over 100,000 4WD, ATV Motorcycle and snowmobile trials, if the “off the beaten” path is what puts a smile on your face than this new unit from Magellan should be in your off road vehicle.

The TRX7 from Magellan is an option to enable in your admin on every vehicle on Interactive Garage Software™.  Product will show up in the “INTERIOR” section under “ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES”.

***As a reminder, to view any or all of these products on your Interactive Garage program you must go to your admin and “ENABLE” them. With the new “Manage Products by Manufacturer”, all you have to do is “ENABLE” a vendor and all their products will show up on your custom program.  Or, you can do it vehicle by vehicle.***



Quickly making a name for themselves in the off-road niche, Black Forest Products by Webasto has stormed onto the scene with an intelligent and well built storage solution for the Jeep Wrangler JK’s.  Featuring a bolt in full security surround system, cargo slide a fridge/freezer option.  Available for both the JK Wrangler and JK Wrangler Unlimited in the “INTERIOR” section of the software.

Also available for both JK platforms is the Black Forest Throwback™ soft top.  A great add on product for hard top owners that want that additional freedom to let their hair blow in the wind.

For additional product infomation or how to become a dealer for Black Forest by Webasto, please contact:

Jesse Fortenberry




We could make this eBlast of new products a mile long, but I know you all have better things to do with your time so I will do another cliff note version of what is available on your Interactive Garage Software™ program this month.

  • HCR Front Bumper on the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU
  • JCR Front Bumper on the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU
  • Kelderman Front Bumper & Grille Insert on the 2017 Ford Superduty
  • Factor 55 Flat Link and Pro Link on all vehicles (Winches & Accessories)
  • Smittybilt Aluminum Winch Shackle on all vehicles (Winches & Accessories)
  • LUND, AVS, and AMP product updates on 2015-17 Ford F150 and GMC Sierra HD
  • KC Gravity Pro6 Light Bar on Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU
  • Go Rhino Roof Rack on Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU
  • New Method Wheels on Jeep Wrangler JKU
  • Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Front and Rear Bumpers on RAM 1500’s and 2500
  • TJM Front Bumper on RAM 2500
  • Bushwacker Trail Armor on 2015-17 Ford F150
  • Rough Country D2 Steps on Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU
  • More Wheels and Tires added to the 2017 Ford Raptor
  • Rear View has been added to the RAM 1500 Sport & Quad Cab

***As a reminder, to view any or all of these products on your Interactive Garage program you must go to your admin and “ENABLE” them. With the new “Manage Products by Manufacturer”, all you have to do is “ENABLE” a vendor and all their products will show up on your custom program.  Or, you can do it vehicle by vehicle.***


“How do we add products…..”

Last but certainly not least, something that we have been asked about time and time again.  “How do we add products to the Interactive Garage Software™ Program that aren’t already available”?

This is a very slippery slope and one that we have thought about since introducing Interactive Garage Software™. A portion of how we stay in business and continue to upgrade and update the software is from the funds received from vendors to add their products to the program. Our goal and intension for this new program to our licensees is to help expand the offering of those vendors that are already a part of our family.

This is not an open flood gate offering to allow any and all products from various vendors shot from a one mega-pixel 1999 cell phone. So please don’t think that just because you submit an image to our team that it will be automatically added to the software.  Each product will be examined and reviewed and those approved to be added to the software on a timely manner.

The video does a great job outlining what is necessary in the image process needed, including angles necessary for each vehicle, lighting set up, etc. What is not mentioned is the back end data necessary as we are not product experts in every vendor line out there in the market.  Additional info needed for each product include:

  • Product Part Number (Vendor part number)
  • Product Description (Vendor exact)
  • Pricing (Jobber, MSRP, and MAP when and where available)

All images and info will be submitted to or directly. A follow up email will be sent to each submission as to its approval or denial.

Please be patient with us on this. As many of you on this eBlast notification are one of our valued licensees and/or vendors of the software it is our goal each and everyday to make Interactive Garage Software™ the best it can be…for all of you.


(*) RCH Designs / Interactive Garage Disclaimer:

All products added to the Interactive Garage software program are the property of the vendors / manufacturers that produce the products.  RCH Designs, LLC does not give nor have the right to sell, distribute or authorize the use of said products to any user of the Interactive Garage™ Software Program.  All users of the software must make their own arrangements to sell and/or distribute said products with the vendors / manufacturers directly.


About Interactive Garage:
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If you don’t see a product category that fits what you manufacturer, please call us @ 435-879-8208 to discuss, or email  The software has no limitations, adding new product categories (Batteries, Drivetrain, etc) or sub categories is just a mouse click away.

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