July 2017

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Products Added

Over 200 new products added

Instead of listing out every product added on every vehicle, we will give you the cliff note version of where to look by Manufacturer.

– Over 60 new Pro Comp Suspension kits were added.

– New Bumper and Wheels from AEV added to the Jeep Wrangler JK’s.

– Rock Sliders from ARB on the Jeep Wrangler JKU

– BFG Rugged Trail, KM2, and KO2 Tires were added and updated.

– Milestar Tire’s “Patagonia” Mud Terrain added to multiple vehicles.

– 20″, 18″, and 17″ Wheels & Tires were added to all of the RAM 1500 Trucks.

– Rough Country products on the Jeep Wrangler (2-door)

– Shifted the “Body Armor” to it’s own category on the Jeep Wrangler JK’s.

***As a reminder, to view any or all of these products on your Interactive Garage program you must go to your admin and “ENABLE” them. With the new “Manage Products by Manufacturer”, all you have to do is “ENABLE” a vendor and all their products will show up on your custom program. Or, you can do it vehicle by vehicle.***



Very happy to announce our partnership with Milestar Tire.

New for 2016, Milestar introduced their Patagonia M/T tire. A very aggressive tire with a surprising quiet ride (and that is from personal experience not a corporate write up). From stock replacement sizes to monster 37″, this new tire from Milestar is going to shock you on ride quality, price, and off-roading capabilities.

With over 70 distributors coast to coast, to find the one nearest you visit milestartire.com. Or you can contact Andrew Hoit direct by clicking HERE.

Keep checking your admin and manage products by manufacturer as we will continue to add the Milestar Patagonia M/T to all the vehicles in the coming months.

***As a reminder, to view any or all of these products on your Interactive Garage program you must go to your admin and “ENABLE” them. With the new “Manage Products by Manufacturer”, all you have to do is “ENABLE” a vendor and all their products will show up on your custom program. Or, you can do it vehicle by vehicle.***


Jeep® Wrangler JL (a.k.a. the Unicorn)

If you follow Interactive Garage™ on Facebook you might have noticed we took a stab at a 3D rendered model of the 2018 Wrangler JL. And when I say “took a stab” we truly mean that. With all the spy shots, renderings, and talk out there as to what everyone thinks this vehicle is going to look like, we compiled all that and put it to a test for our 3D modeler to show off his skills.

At no time are we saying that this IS THE Jeep® Wrangler JL or that we are even close in our rendering, but we wanted to take our own ride on the wave of HYPE out there around this unicorn Wrangler.

This vehicle is just for entertainment and available on Interactive Garage™ website demo program only…why you might ask? As this vehicle is a concept and all the products on it are conceptual, we can not offer this to our licensees. We hope that all if not the majority of you are using your Interactive Garage Software™ for selling / commerce purposes, making this vehicle ineffective as the products shown on it are not available or real. I know we are all hoping that FabFours actually comes out with a sellable strap on Mohawk accessory for the Wrangler Hard top, but for now all we can do is have fun with it.

Thanks for your understanding on this. As soon as the Jeep® Wrangler JL is available rest assure we will work around the clock with our vendor partners to get actual products on the actual vehicle with part numbers, prices and feature & benefit info.


Mega Interactive Display

Long overdue and too late for many of you…but we finally did an install video for those of you that ordered one of our popular Mega Interactive Display units. With over 100+ units out there on display across the US and Canada, this eye catching display that our friends at Nemesis Industries built for us has been a huge hit amongst our licensees and their customers.

If you are one of our licensees or vendors on the program and you’re not using this on your showroom floor or for vendors at shows and events, what are you waiting for? Stand is very affordable at $600 + shipping and that includes your logo custom laser cut into the kick plate. Components as suggested (27″ Touch screen Monitor, CPU, Printer and LED lights) run another $700-750.

Interested? Contact ryan@rchdesigns.com for more details.


(*) RCH Designs / Interactive Garage Disclaimer:

All products added to the Interactive Garage software program are the property of the vendors / manufacturers that produce the products. RCH Designs, LLC does not give nor have the right to sell, distribute or authorize the use of said products to any user of the Interactive Garage™ Software Program. All users of the software must make their own arrangements to sell and/or distribute said products with the vendors / manufacturers directly.


About Interactive Garage:
RCH Designs has developed the ultimate automotive accessories salesperson. Combining an innovative software program with professional digital imaging we created Interactive Garage. The Interactive Garage software, hosted by RCH Designs, has no limitations. Interactive Garage can sell accessories on any web site 24/7/365, making it the hardest working employee or sales person you will ever hire. Your customer designs the vehicle and we are the mechanics, bolting accessories on/off at the click of a mouse in addition to displaying what interior and performance accessories are available with pop up information panels. The options to choose from are endless with a plethora of exterior, interior, and performance parts and accessories.
If you don’t see a product category that fits what you manufacturer, please call us @ 435-879-8208 to discuss, or email ryan@rchdesigns.com. The software has no limitations, adding new product categories (Batteries, Drivetrain, etc) or sub categories is just a mouse click away.

About RCH Designs:
RCH Designs is a full service marketing specialist, concept development, consulting, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please contact ryan@rchdesigns.com.