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New Feature Launched


October 2016






We have been working around the clock on something that has been on our development board for months. Rear view interaction for trucks to better display spray-in bed liners, tonneau covers, tool boxes, bed protection, replacement tail lights, bed rails, bed extenders, and rear bumpers. We are proud to introduce V1 of this new view on the RAM 2500, with all other trucks soon to follow.

This new view was not easy to achieve in the programming or coordination with vendors that have products in the categories mentioned above.  Our initial roll out on this rear view on all the trucks will have the same vehicle as the base image with the correct application part numbers for each product.  In other words, if you enter the program wanting to build your dream Chevy 1500 Silverado and a BAK Tonneau cover is selected, the rear view of the RAM will appear (as generic as we can make it appear) with part numbers for the Chevy 1500 populating the shopping cart.

As the program progresses and we can get more vendors on board to send products for each vehicle we will continue to roll out this new rear view interaction angle.  Hang in there with us.  We want this to be as custom, bad to the bone, fun, and most importantly, lucrative for your  accessory sales, as you do.

This view is live and ready to “ENABLE” in your admin. If your not a current licensee of our software you can see a DEMO of the program anytime at

Vendors to look for to enable this “REAR VIEW” button are;


– Bestop

– Extang

– Gator

– Retrax

– BedRug

– LINE-X (if your an authorized LINE-X Dealer)




If you are attending the SEMA Show, walking around talking to current and potential vendors, please by all means if your willing, “Help me help you” (Tom Cruise quote from Jerry Maguire).

As a team, the more exposure around your use of the Interactive Garage Software program to existing vendors on the program as well as ones that you would like to see on it will benefit everyone.  To the point that I also offer a referral incentive program for those that reach out to vendors and in turn get them to sign up as a reflection of your interaction with them.  From a free display stand to free month/s (even year) of software license fee waived.

Offer is not just based on the SEMA Show, you can refer a vendor to us at anytime and we will reward you for helping us out.  Send a report anytime as to who you talked to, when, and their contact info so we can follow up with them.  As soon as they are signed on you will not only be rewarded by having their products on your program, we will make sure your well taken care of.

The process of showing customers a static image of one aftermarket accessory at a time on a vehicle of the vendors choice in their catalog, website or flyer is a thing of the past.  Letting your customers “Try it before they buy it” is not a fad that is here today and gone tomorrow, it is the way of today and the future of automotive aftermarket accessory purchasing! And all of us at Interactive Garage Software are dedicated to make this program the best it can be for you.


If your a vendor receiving our eblasts but not on our software (yet), but interested…please let us know if you have time for a demonstration and meeting at the 2016 SEMA Show. In addition to the current licensees we have running the software to the ability to run the program on your company website, let our team explain to you why being a part of Interactive Garage Software program has infinite benefits.

Please contact for a private demonstration at the 2016 SEMA Show.


We wanted to do a call out to those that are running the Interactive Garage Software on your companies website.  Some of you are presenting the program as intended per the iFrame process and others might still need some assistance.  Below are a few links to licensees of the Interactive Garage Software that have the iframe process done as it was intended.

What you will notice is that the “SELECT A VEHICLE” page and main vehicle page never leave the main/base portion of the site (top navigation is always there as is the footer navigation), nor does it pop up another page.  The idea around the software is that the user should always feel like they are on the URL and company that they went to visit, not that they are being sent to another location.

Interactive Garage is just software to help you as a retailer of aftermarket accessories sell more of those accessories by making the purchase experience for your customers the best it can be. If your program does not display on your site as shown from the link above, contact so we can get you the help you need.

(*) RCH Designs / Interactive Garage Disclaimer:

All products added to the Interactive Garage software program are the property of the vendors / manufacturers that produce the products.  RCH Designs does not give nor have the right to sell, distribute or authorize the use of said products to any user of the Interactive Garage Software Program.  All users of the software must make their own arrangements to sell and/or distribute said products with the vendors / manufacturers directly.


About Interactive Garage:
RCH Designs has developed the ultimate automotive accessories salesperson.  Combining an innovative software program with professional digital imaging we created Interactive Garage. The Interactive Garage software, hosted by RCH Designs, has no limitations. Interactive Garage can sell accessories on any web site 24/7/365, making it the hardest working employee or sales person you will ever hire. Your customer designs the vehicle and we are the mechanics, bolting accessories on/off at the click of a mouse in addition to displaying what interior and performance accessories are available with pop up information panels. The options to choose from are endless with a plethora of exterior, interior, and performance parts and accessories.
If you don’t see a product category that fits what you manufacturer, please call us @ 435-879-8208 to discuss, or email  The software has no limitations, adding new product categories (Batteries, Drivetrain, etc) or sub categories is just a mouse click away.

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