Interactive Garage New Additions – August 2016

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New Vehicle, Products, and User Interface Launched 

AUGUST 2016  


Proud to announce the launching of the highly anticipated 2017 Ford Raptor.  Thanks to our
friends at Addictive Desert Designs who were lucky enough to get their hands (and products)
on this amazing looking new truck from Ford.  Vehicle is said to be released this fall, but you
and your customers can start customizing it now with all the products from Addictive Desert
Designs as well as a few other vendors.
 17' Raptor
Just like new accessories added to the software each month, this vehicle and the products
within the vehicle need to be “ENABLED” in your admin.

When Go Rhino thought about how to launch their new line of Jeep Wrangler products, especially their new modular Total Bumper System BRJ40 front bumper, the Interactive Garage Software program was the perfect and only platform they selected. Being able to show all the different combinations of end caps, light mounts and accessories for this new product from GoRhino is exactly why we built this software.

Paired with Go Rhino’s line of running boards, nerf steps and new windshield light bar mounts, you have all the tools necessary to display and sell this new vendors products to your customers.  Don’t forget to log into your admin and “ENABLE” this new line from Go Rhino.

More products from Go Rhino will be added throughout the coming months on all the vehicles.

Stay tuned.


We have been talking about adding more wheel and tire size options for months.  As easy as it might sound to do this, the back end programming has been a nightmare to complete.  With that being said, as we have the best team and programmer out there, our new interface with wheel and tire options are ready…but not 100% complete.

Our test vehicle is the Ford F250.

As you will see once you launch our main demo or your Interactive Garage Software program there is a new top line category of “Wheels & Tires”. We had to do this with this particular category as the options for 17″, 18″ and 20″ wheels & tires are massive in their own rights. All other vehicles other than the F250 currently have the 17″ wheel & tire offering currently, but we will be working hard to get them all updated as soon as possible so this category on your Interactive Garage Software program is up to our standards across the board.


With the amount of licensees using the software in retail environments on our display stands, we wanted to upgrade the UI to accommodate touch screen users. Spreading out the categories with a push button like layout will help users navigate around all the vehicles and products easier.

Larger icons were also added to the new UI in the shopping cart area as well as the guide above the shopping cart. Nothing earth shattering around this update, but one that has been request by several of our licensees.

As we are always looking to enhance the look, feel, and usability of the Interactive Garage Software program, if there are suggestions you’d like to submit that would make your program that much better for you, we are all ears and would love to hear from you.

With the new user interface and the back end programing complete, our next update will include another new vehicle (Toyota Tacoma) along with more, more, and even more wheels and tires on our existing vehicles.

(*) RCH Designs / Interactive Garage Disclaimer:

All products added to the Interactive Garage software program are the property of the vendors / manufacturers that produce the products.  RCH Designs does not give nor have the right to sell, distribute or authorize the use of said products to any user of the Interactive Garage Software Program.  All users of the software must make their own arrangements to sell and/or distribute said products with the vendors / manufacturers directly.


About Interactive Garage:

RCH Designs has developed the ultimate automotive accessories salesperson.  Combining an innovative software program with professional digital imaging we created Interactive Garage. The Interactive Garage software, hosted by RCH Designs, has no limitations. Interactive Garage can sell accessories on any web site 24/7/365, making it the hardest working employee or sales person you will ever hire. Currently we are targeting the top manufacturers in the industry that are building products for the 2007-14 Jeep® Wrangler JK.
Your customer designs the vehicle and we are the mechanics, bolting accessories on/off at the click of a mouse in addition to displaying what interior and performance accessories are available with pop up information panels. The options to choose from are endless with a plethora of exterior, interior, and performance parts and accessories.
If you don’t see a product category that fits what you manufacturer for the JK, please call us @ 435-879-8208 to discuss, or email  The software has no limitations, adding new product categories (Batteries, Drivetrain, etc) or sub categories is just a mouse click away.

About RCH Designs:
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