February 2018



As you wake up and launch your Interactive Garage™ program, from within your website or from your kiosk display on your showroom floor you will notice a new look & feel or what we call the “user interface”. This new user interface or Version 2.0 of Interactive Garage has been long overdue and months in the making.

Lets go over some of the new features and benefits.


Yes, welcome to the digital age (finally)! Version 2.0 is full responsive, meaning no matter what device you view Interactive Garage™ on, the vehicles and all contents within it will scale down or out from landscape to portrait.  Programmed to hit the five major break points (<768px, >768px, >992px, >1200px, and >1800px), or in layman terms, from 4″-7″ smart phones, 9-13″ tablets to 80″ monitors.

Many of you have been waiting for this since signing on with us 2+ years ago…thank you for your patience. This was not an overnight programming cake walk, trust us when we say that. Our programmers have been working on this since October and we have been testing since December. Needless to say it was the right step to make and one that we are very proud of.

Those of you that use Interactive Garage™ exclusively on your website, NOTHING needs to be changed or altered on your iFrame coding previously sent. We made sure that this was a seamless turn key transition.

Any further questions we can answer around this upgrade to Interactive Garage™, feel free to contact ryan@interactivegarage.com anytime.



As the demand for more, more and more vehicles are requested from Interactive Garage™, being able to be model specific down to the cab, bed and particular package of vehicle (XLT, Sport, Rubicon, Z71) will allow us to introduce vehicles at a much faster pace.

For the most part the difference between a Silverado Z71 trim package and LT trim can come down to something as simple as a different front bumper, grille, wheel/tire, and accent in the graphics. In the aftermarket world those differences might not make any changes to the hood shields, ventvisors, front bumpers, side steps, etc that Interactive Garage™ was built to help upgrade to.

In Version 1.0 of Interactive Garage™ each vehicle had its own set of data and images, requiring a full new set of data & images for each new vehicle release (even if it was just a new trim, cab, or bed size ). Version 2.0 takes into consideration similar cabs and bed sizes that share items like tonneau covers, side steps, and front bumpers and allows us to create a new vehicle by simply swapping out a set of data for a crew cab short bed LT to a new crew cab long bed and only making new data for the long bed accessories. In short, more better as more vehicles is always better.

The qualifiers to get to “Customize My Vehicle” has a few more clicks to it, but the end result ensures that the vehicle your customers are accessorizing has the right data set (accessory part numbers) assigned to them.

Any further questions we can answer around this upgrade to Interactive Garage™, feel free to contact ryan@interactivegarage.com anytime.



To go along with the responsive design upgrade, our user interface had to change as well. Once you click around on it for a few minutes you’ll see how much faster and easier it is to bounce from one accessory to another and one category to another.

View Fuel’s 17″ wheel category on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited one after the other without having to keep clicking on the category drop down.  Cruise through every vehicle color option one after the other again without having to click a drop down menu.

Informative, easy to use, and faster accessory response to view time will help the overall consumer experience on Version 2.0 of Interactive Garage™.

Any further questions we can answer around this upgrade to Interactive Garage™, feel free to contact ryan@interactivegarage.com anytime.

Now that we have Version 2.0 under our belt, launched and behind us, we can move forward with new vehicles, new vendors and more accessories from our valued vendors. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Keep letting us know how we are doing and we’ll keep improving Interactive Garage™.



If you’re one of our competitors on this eBlast list for one reason or another, you’ll probably sleep a little less tonight. We have spent a lot of time, effort and money making Interactive Garage™ the best online based vehicle aftermarket configurator on the market today. Copy cats and imposters that give you the smoke and mirror pitch that their front end and back end is 1/10th of what we have built at Interactive Garage™ are going to be called to the carpet, sooner than later.

Why is this important to you as one of our licensees or valued vendors? In short, we’re not going anywhere! Getting a US Patent and Trademark is not an easy process, but one we thought was important to show everyone that what we have is legitimate and our longevity in this space is now secure and protected.


(*) RCH Designs / Interactive Garage Software™ Disclaimer:

All products added to the Interactive Garage Software™ program are the property of the vendors / manufacturers that produce the products.  RCH Designs, LLC does not give nor have the right to sell, distribute or authorize the use of said products to any user of the Interactive Garage™ Software Program.  All users of the software must make their own arrangements to sell and/or distribute said products with the vendors / manufacturers directly.


About Interactive Garage Software™:
RCH Designs has developed the ultimate automotive accessories salesperson.  Combining an innovative software program with professional digital imaging we created Interactive Garage. The Interactive Garage software, hosted by RCH Designs, has no limitations. Interactive Garage can sell accessories on any web site 24/7/365, making it the hardest working employee or sales person you will ever hire. Your customer designs the vehicle and we are the mechanics, bolting accessories on/off at the click of a mouse in addition to displaying what interior and performance accessories are available with pop up information panels. The options to choose from are endless with a plethora of exterior, interior, and performance parts and accessories.
If you don’t see a product category that fits what you manufacturer, please call us @ 435-879-8208 to discuss, or email ryan@rchdesigns.com.  The software has no limitations, adding new product categories (Batteries, Drivetrain, etc) or sub categories is just a mouse click away.


About RCH Designs:
RCH  Designs is a full service marketing specialist, concept  development, consulting, graphic and web design organization. For more information about RCH Designs, please contact ryan@rchdesigns.com.

Interactive Garage Software is a division of RCH Designs